HP Printer Setup For Windows

How do I install HP printer on Windows 10?

Most of the users would certainly have several queries when they kick-start HP Printer setup for Windows. If you are one among them, you are in the right place. Just check out the setup instructions  that are specified here. It will definitely help you out in completing the HP Printer setup successfully. No matter what connectivity method you are planning to connect with, this article covers major connections methods.

HP Printer wired network setup for Windows

Wired network connectivity is quite easy to complete if you have finely working router and an Ethernet cable. Just connect your Ethernet cable to the port on HP Printer’s rear. Download the necessary software from HP website or using the installation CD. 

HP Printer wireless network setup for Windows

The very first thing you have to do is, gather the essentials for HP Printer wireless setup on Windows. Here is the list of requirements that you need to collect prior to the wireless setup

SSID or Service Set Identifier which is also known as the Wireless network name 

WEP Key or WPA security passphrase which is also known as the wireless network password. 

If you have the wireless network credentials, gear up for the HP Printer setup for Windows. Make sure that you use a broadband internet access like cable or DSL. It is very important to use a HP printer which is compatible with wireless network. You might require a USB cable during the setup. 

View the Wireless Summary screen by tapping the Wireless icon on the HP Printer control panel and tap Settings -> Wireless Setup Wizard. With the help of onscreen instructions, you will be able to complete the HP wireless printer setup for Windows. Subsequently, install the latest version of HP Printer driver from HP website. 

HP Printer USB connection setup for Windows 

Gear up to perform the USB connection on your HP Printer by gathering the important requirements specified below. 

At first, you have to power up your HP Printer and keep it in a ready state. Acquire an USB cable which is an important necessity for the setup. When connecting the USB cable to the Windows computer, you need to prefer the USB port instead of connecting via USB hub or docking station. If you prefer other options over the USB port, you will certainly hit upon HP Printer issues due to inefficient power supply. If the system prompts you to remove the USB cable, execute it. Wait until the system notifies you about connecting the USB cable to your printer. 

After connecting the USB cable between your Windows computer and HP printer, download the most-recent version of HP Printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup

Still have doubts in HP printer setup for Windows? Just check out our website to know more in detail about the HP printer setup. Just drop us a call at the toll-free number and have a conversation with our expert technicians who have prior experience and have extensive knowledge about handling the  HP Printers. 

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