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Step by Step process to setup HP ePrint

It requires an easy, high speed and active internet connection and an ePrint enabled HP Printer to perform e-print from anywhere across the globe. This HP ePrint is a service provided enabling you to print from anywhere only with the help of high-speed internet connection and see to it that your printer is ePrint enabled. The ePrint enabled, secured cloud-based printer is registered with an ePrint cloud service. This HP Printer ePrint cloud service helps you assign with a unique email address to the printer. The separate email address ensures the user security. Installation of  the driver is not required. Follow the Instructions on how to setup HP Wireless printer using 123 hp com setup ePrint setup is very easy to setup from any PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone with the help of high speed internet connection. The email address is customizable through the web services Settings option and Print Info page to get an information holding printer code and setting details.

Step by step process to  setup e-print :

  • First, set up Web Services on your Printer
  • Web Services setup
  • On the Home screen, click on the ePrint icon
  • Click on Set Up
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions to enable Web Services
  • Make sure Web Services have been set up
  • Click on the ePrint icon on Home screen
  • Enable ePrint
  • You will detect your printer’s email address on the Summary menu
  • On your device, open your email application
  • Email the document to be printed to your printer’s email address

What are the requirements to print with HP ePrint?

In order to print with HP ePrint, confirm your printer, computer, or mobile device to meet the following requirements.
  • Your printer supports HP ePrint.
    • Printers with a touchscreen display: Look for an HP ePrint logo or icon  or a Web Services icon on the printer or control panel display.
    • Printers with a text-based menu display: Navigate to the Web Services SetupNetwork Setup, or Wireless Settings to confirm it has a Web Services menu.
    • Printers with LED or buttons-only displays: Press the Information button  to print a Printer Information report. Review the report for HP ePrint App or Web Services support.
  • Your printer, computer, and mobile device are connected to a wireless or Ethernet network with an active Internet connection. If you connect your printer with a USB cable, HP ePrint does not work.

Source : HP Official Website

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