HP Connected

With several new technologies emerging of late, it’s actually easy to cope up with everyday tasks. HP Connected is one technology which has brought forward by HP to make printing tasks more easier than ever. Using HP Connected, users can make use of web services, instant ink delivery and effortlessly print docs from their mobile devices. 

Benefits in using HP Connected 

  • HP ePrint service 
  • Authentic HP Ink cartridges delivered at your door step 
  • Quick solutions

 HP Connected Account Setup 

If you are using a web-connected printer, then sign up for HP Connected account. You can make of services like HP Instant Ink and HP ePrint cloud printing. Just follow the steps to configure your printer with HP Connected account. 

You can either sign up for HP Connected during first time printer step or do it later. If you want to check whether an account is created, then go to HP Connected login and try signing in with your

Requirements for setting up HP Connected account

  • A desktop connected to an active internet connection in which you are planning to connect the printer. 
  • An web services enabled HP Printer connected to the same network in which the computer is linked.

Remember that using USB connection is not suggested when setting up HP Connected Account. Moreover, you should check whether HP web services-enabled is compatible on country or region you live in. Usage of HP Connected is limited to a certain regions only.

Acquire the printer claim code 

The very first thing you have to do is, obtain the printer claim code by following the instructions. You need to furnish the printer code in order to link your printer to the HP Connected Account. After that, you will be able to access the web services. ePrint is one service that most of the users find useful. Get set to kick-start the web services in your printer. 

Before proceeding, you need to complete the initial HP printer configuration. Make use of the power cord to connect Printer and electrical outlet. It is mandatory to link the printer to a direct power source instead of using power strips. Switch on the printer and complete the basic setup as follows. Check the printer control panel and alter the preferences. Move on with the ink cartridge installation. Open the cartridge access door and carefully snap the genuine ink cartridges in place. After that, paper tray settings should be done properly. At first, you need to insert a stack of papers into the main tray and align it accordingly. Then adjust paper width guides in a way that it slides against the papers’ edges. You are all set with the HP Printer. Gear up for HP connected Account setup.

Touchscreen or text-based display printers 

 Now turn on the Web Services using the instructions given below. 

  • Tap HP ePrint button on the printer and click Setup to enable the Web services (Touch screen displays).
  • Tap Web Services -> Network Setup or Wireless settings to enable the Web Services (Text-based displays).

Finally click Print or Print Info to print the info page which comprises of Printer code. 

Printers sans touchscreen or text-based display

If you are using a printer that doesn’t incorporate a touch-screen or text-based display, then you must  connect it to the internet and obtain Printer code. 

  • Visit 123.hp.com and install HP Smart app. click Plus sign on the My Printer screen and tap Advanced Settings. Enable web services and Print info page (Android) 
  • Likewise, install HP Smart application on your Apple iOS device and enabling Web services is akin to the above method (Apple iOS device)
  • However, the procedure changes diversely for computer or Chrome book. You must print a configuration page or self-test page to know the IP address. After that, open a web browser and furnish the IP address in your search bar before clicking Enter. If your printer and computer is connected on the same network, you will get to view EWS information page. Just tap Web Services and tap Continue. 

How to locate printer code on the info page? 

Printer code is very essential to include your printer to HP Connected. The previous step would help you to find the information page which comprises of printer code. Here is how you can find the printer code on the info page. Moreover, the printer code’s format plays an important role. Just check out below to know about the code in detail. 

Lengthy code sans spaces in-between

It is very important to include your printer to HP Connected account within forty-eight hours after acquiring the printer code. Or else, you should print the info page for one more time. 

Combination of number and letters with spaces in-between

Printer code with this format will not expire. Printing an extra info page will help you to get a new code using which you can add the printer to HP Connected account.However, the printer code which you acquired previously would expire. 

Printer code not listed 

If you can’t find the printer code, then it implies that HP Connected Account has already included your printer. Just eliminate the printer from HP Connected Account and switch off the devices. After a few minutes, you can turn on the Web Services to obtain a new printer code.

HP printer inclusion to HP Connected Account 

  • Go to HP Connected Account from your mobile device or desktop and Sign in with your account 
  • If you don’t have an HP Connected Account, just click Create Account. 
  • You will be prompted to enter details like First name, last name, email address and Password. 
  • Just click Sign Up and the web page will prompt you to include the printer code. 
  • Furnish the printer code before tapping Add on the HP Connected page. 
  • If you can’t see your printer on the page, just tap Add a Printer before furnishing the printer code. 
  • ePrint Settings dialog will appear on screen where you have to furnish a new email address and then click Submit. 
  • You will notice instant update if the email address is available or else, go for a new email address. 

Web services that you can make use of

After connecting printer to HP Connected account, you can sign up web services like HP Instant Ink and HP ePrint capabilities. Check out how you can utilize these services after activation. 

HP Instant Ink 

Only certain regions and countries will have HP Instant Ink access. First, check whether you can avail this service on your country and then move forward. Enabling the HP Instant Ink service is the best part as it will take complete responsibility in ordering ink cartridges whenever you printer runs out of ink. Yes, HP Instant Ink service will regularly update HP about the ink level. If the ink level is not up to the mark, HP will deliver genuine ink cartridges at your door step.

HP ePrint service 

Using HP ePrint service, you can effortlessly send print jobs to the HP printers from computer, tablet, laptop or mobile devices. All you need is a printer’s email address. 

  • Open the email application in your mobile or computer and generate a new email. Furnish the email’s address of your HP Printer in “To” field and don’t leave the subject column empty.
  • The file you want to print should be included as an attachment and send the email.
  • You can also manage the user’s email address and restrict printing unwanted emails. 
  • Go to HP Connected Account and click -> My Printers -> ePrint Access -> Allowed. 

Problems while setting up HP Connected Account 

You might come across certain issues while configuring HP Connected account or during the inclusion of HP Printer to the account. Just implement the steps given below to eradicate the issues in minutes. 

Printer code not working 

If you see notifications like “invalid code”, “unexpected error” or “expired code” during HP Connected Account setup, just follow the steps specified here. 

  • Hang around for a few minutes and furnish the Printer code again. 
  • Entering the printer code without any change is mandatory. A small change in space or characters will leave a big impact. 
  • Make use of the printer code within forty-eight hours or else obtain a new code.
  • Get assistance from HP printer support team to sort out this issue. 

Printer code not available in info page 

If you are unable to view printer code in the Info page, then it is because of two reasons. Find out the reason behind this issue by reading below. 

  • The info page’s information is totally based on the printer model and country. 
  • If the info page doesn’t contain printer code, then it implies that HP Connected account is already linked to your printer. 

Printer code lost 

You can still include printer to the HP Connected account. Make use of the above steps and acquire a new printer code by turning on the Web services. 

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