HP Officejet 6500a Plus e-All-In-One Printer Setup – HP Connected

Get ready to follow a dynamic method to perform HP Officejet 6500a Plus e-All-In-One Printer setup using the instructions given below. Configuring your printer using HP Connected is not a big deal but many users don’t prefer. Executing the setup with the help of this method will let you explore numerous features. Let’s get to know about the HP Connected before moving further.

Before connecting your printer using HP connected, you have to complete basic setup procedure like hardware and HP OfficeJet 6500a e-All-In-One Printer driver download.  

HP connected service – Overview (HP Officejet 6500a Plus)

This service will let you save, obtain, share and print your files from anywhere provided that you have a high-speed internet connection in the device (mobile, laptop or desktop). The same goes with HP OfficeJet 6500a e-All-In-One Printers as well and you have to connect the printer on Ethernet or Wireless connection.

Follow the step-by-step procedure that you should execute in order to setup the Printer using HP Connected.

Step 1

  • Enable printer’s web services and execute an HP OfficeJet 6500a e-All-In-One Printer driver update if a recent-software version is available.
  •  It is mandatory to activate the web services as HP Connected Service necessitate it.
  • You will find Setup in the printer’s control panel, just tap on it and then click Web Services setup. Confirm your choice by clicking Continue.
  • Tag along with the onscreen directives until the HP OfficeJet 6500a e-All-In-One Printer prints the Web Services information sheet which is essential.

Step 2

  • Once you complete the above step successfully, you can register HP Connected Service right away.
  • Go to the computer’s web browser and visit the HP Connected website for registration. 
  • When you are in the service web page, create an account by furnishing important details like name, email and other information about you. 
  • Don’t make use of the email address with which you generated an ePrint Center account. Just provide a new email ID for a successful registration.
  •  After entering the required details, you can click the “Create Account” option and wait until a further notification on the screen.

Step 3

  • Now you are all set with creating HP Connected account and it’s time to link your device with the account. 
  • For that, just tap on Devices -> Add a device on HP Connected page and you will be prompted to furnish the HP OfficeJet 6500a e-All-In-One Printer claim code available in the service information sheet.
  •  Move forward with the onscreen instructions to find your printer’s unique email address.
  •  Make use of the email address to send docs from any devices and print your files from wherever you are.

That is all about configuring the HP OfficeJet 6500a e-All-In-One Printer. For further more information about HP, you need to visit our website @ 123.hp.com. Drop us a call at the toll-free number. Expert technicians who have hands-on experience will certainly help you out.

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