HP DeskJet 3632 Setup

Are you ready to setup HP DeskJet 3632 printer? Then just follow the instructions given below. Don’t forget to collect the necessary requirements before proceeding with setup. 
If you want to know about the printer in detail, then study HP DeskJet 3632 review. The specifications and features will make you understand more about the printer functionalities as well. Unbox the printer to remove the packing materials like tapes and stickers. It is very essential to confirm that you have received all the printer accessories as each in-box supply will play a crucial role in setting up the printer. Moreover, the installation CD available in the printer package will help during the software setup. Safeguard the printer accessories and start the HP DeskJet 3632 printer setup. 

HP DeskJet 3632 initial setup 

Connect the power adapter between HP DeskJet 3632 printer and the computer. After connecting firmly, turn on the printer and verify the connections are proper. Using a direct electrical outlet is mandatory as power strips are not efficient enough to provide power to the printer. You might hit upon issues if you utilize the power strip. 

HP DeskJet 3632 ink setup 

Open the cartridge access door on your printer and wait until the carriage becomes idle. Forcing the carriage to stop will lead to issues. Just hang around and install the HP DeskJet 3632 ink cartridges. If you have color and black cartridges, then carefully insert them in places. Verify the installation at least once and don’t give an opportunity for error establishments.

HP DeskJet 3632 Wi-Fi setup

Here is how you can perform HP DeskJet 3632 Wi-Fi setup with the help of Wireless setup wizard.

Ensure that you have gathered important details like Wireless network name and password. Tap Network menu or click Wireless icon on the printer’s control panel. Now choose Settings and finally tap Wireless Setup Wizard. If you have wrench icon in the printer, then you can directly visit the Settings menu by clicking on this icon. The screen will bring the list of available networks to your view from which you have to choose the wireless network. 

If the network name is not available in the list, just go down the list and furnish your network name (Case-sensitive).  

HP DeskJet 3632 driver

Download the HP DeskJet 3632 driver from 123.hp.com or support.hp.com and then start the installation process right away. If the download is successful, just check your Downloads folder and then follow the onscreen prompts. 

HP DeskJet 3632 How to Scan

Keep the file that you want to scan on the Scanner glass and then close the Scanner lid. Now, open the HP 3632 printer software and click Scan option. Finally, tap on the Scan button. Your desktop necessitates you to choose the Scan Type (file format). Choose either JPEG or PDF file. YOu can also save the file on your computer by tapping Save Option. 

This is how you can scan using your HP DeskJet 3632 printer. Gear up to print your documents using one of the best printers.

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