HP Deskjet 1112 printer Setup

Setting up the printers properly will always necessitate you to take an extra step. If you are novice to printer usage, you would probably not be aware of the complexities in setting up the printer. However, it is not that much difficult if your printers are in the right hands. A proper heads up about the HP DeskJet 1112 printer setup prior to the installation process would certainly help the users. Here is the precise instructions for the users who are kicking-off the setup process for the very first time. 

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HP Deskjet 1112 USB connection 

HP DeskJet 1112 USB connection is compatible to connect on a wireless or Ethernet connection. It is better if you make use of the HP DeskJet 1112 USB connection method. 

Prepare your printer for the USB setup

Initially, you need to check the computer and remove the HP printer driver if you have already installed before the setup. The HP DeskJet 1112 printer driver should be installed only when the printer prompts you to do so. Let’s first get to know about the HP DeskJet 1112 printer setup requirements prior to the installation process. 

Things you need to collect for HP DeskJet 1112 printer USB connection 

Check your HP DeskJet 1112 printer’s connectivity state. If it is ready to proceed then start gathering the requirements. Otherwise, you need to turn on the printer and verify that the printer is good to go. 

After that, you should collect the requirements like USB cable which has a length of three meters. When you try to connect the USB cable, ensure that you insert in USB port of the desktop instead of connecting via USB hub or docking station. If you didn’t connect via computer’s USB port, then HP DeskJet 1112 printer will not get sufficient power to perform printing task.

Delete HP Printer driver if already installed 

As said earlier, you have to get rid off the HP DeskJet 1112 driver which was previously installed in the computer. If you haven’t installed, just move on to the next step. On your windows computer, go to Devices and Printers control panel and uninstall the HP DeskJet 1112 driver from your desktop. 

Install HP DeskJet 1112 printer driver 

Navigate to the 123.hp.com website or support.hp.com to download the most recent version of HP driver. After downloading, run the file as administrator and follow the onscreen prompts. 

Download and install the best available print driver to complete the USB connection. If you visit the support website, full feature and basic driver will be available from which you can choose one according to your requirements. 

During the installation process, the system will direct you to select the printer connectivity method. Without any second thoughts, you can choose the USB connection setup. Try either printing or scanning after that. 

For furthermore setup, you can dial the toll-free number or check out our website which comprises of diverse information about the HP printers.

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