HP Cloud Print Set Up

HP Cloud Print

Step by Step process to setup HP Cloud Print

HP ePrint makes use of the highly powerful Cloud Service to enable the user to print from any part of the world. Just by activating ePrint on your HP printer you get to enjoy this benefit. Google Cloud Print is a service that lets you to connect your printer to the web.

CloudPrint is a Google service.It allows you to any cloud print enabled device in the specific network cloud to print a printer. It does not require any driver installation. Mobile and Smartphones that doesn’t have printing system can now print with the Gmail and Google Docs of their mobile versions.

Under the Print Preview page of Google Web browser, you will see Google Cloud Print listed as a printer option. You can use any printer accessible to the mobile or smartphone through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. To print any document, you just have to Sign in to their Google Account and click on Print in the Google Cloud Print Jobs and Upload a document to print.

  • Connect the printer directly to web
  • Make sure your printer is cloud ready or is ePrint capable
  • Go to Google Chrome
  • Open chrome://devices in new tab
  • Click My Devices and check if your printer is listed under My Devices
  • Under My Devices if your printer is already listed, then you printer is registered with Google Cloud Print
  • Click on Manage to view the registered Google Cloud Print printers
  • If your printer is listed under New Devices, click Register and print a confirmation page
  • You may be required to finish the registration from the Printer control panel, for some printers
  • If your printer is not listed, then check again whether your printer is connected to the network or try connecting with your printer’s email address

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