Achieving the First Time Printer Setup - 123 HP COM SETUP

123 HP Printer Scan setup

Scanning is a very important functionality, which you would like to take advantage of.

Firstly, you need to configure the settings and the options available in the HP Software.

Also, clear guidelines and instructions are provided in the control panel of your device.


  • The initial step is to load the document or Photo you want to print.
  • Turn on your Printer by pressing the Power button
  • You can start loading the Picture or the document. If you are using the scanner glass to scan the document, place the document in such a way that the Print side faces down.
  • Close the scanner Lid after placing the document.
  • For using Automatic document feeder, try placing the document on the tray. Place the document with the Print side facing up and top edge goes to the tray. You can also adjust the width guides

Note: It’s better not to use ADF for scanning your Photos.

  • Start scanning your document
  • Go to the PRINTER control panel, select the Memory device, and touch the scan
  • Start inserting the memory device when prompted.
  • Go to the scan settings > click on the settings Icon > Review the settings icon >change the settings if required> Press the start scan option to scan your documents
  • It is also possible to scan your documents directly to your Email if you are a Mac OSX user. Embedded web server EWS is most widely used to scan to an Email.
  • As you proceed with the setup Process, you will be prompted to enter the SMTP server name, SMTP port number or the Authentication Information. Start performing an Internet research and the Internet server names can be found easily.
  • Start searching the server names with the titles Gmail SMTP server name or yahoo SMTP server name

Once you complete the 123 HP Printer Scan Setup you can perform the SCAN TO AN EMAIL function as follows:

Go to the control panel of your Printer, press the scan Icon and then the Email Icon. Touch the email Profile which you have created. Start scanning the documents by clicking the Scan to an Email Option

Follow the above guidelines for 123 HP Com Setup. To know more, you can start dialing the toll-free number at XXXXXXXX and our network support team is here to provide you further guidelines. For more information visit us at

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